Grow Food Not Lawns Hat

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grow food not lawns. black and white snapback hat.

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The message couldn’t  be clearer.       Grow Food Not Lawns!

G.F.N.L. Is a way of life. We look at wasted space all over our towns and cities and think why would anyone have a lawn full of grass? The first step in taking control of you future and you being able to loosen some of the shackles of modern-day life is growing your own food. One of the biggest lies you have been given in this country is the “Lawn”.

We practice what we preach and grow a substantial amount of vegetables, herbs and fruits on a small urban garden in the center of our town. The design on this hat was taken directly from our own garden.



Growing food is also a great way to help your community. Being able to share with others when you have more than you need is a great way to build relationships.  Grad a hat and keep the sun out of your eyes while spending time in your garden.

This hat is a snapback style hat. one size fits most.


Weight .9 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in


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