Die Happy Tee

$ 25.00

black tee shirt. whit hands with the words Die Happy tattooed on knuckles.

die happy t-shirt front logo.

back of shirt. white Outcast Agenda logo.

back of shirt

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The die Happy T-shirt is one that is close to home for us. It’s literally tattooed on Brad’s knuckles. This a statement you will see again in our future shirts. The Die Happy concept isn’t meant to be a negative image or idea. This was something that was born from a realization of Happiness being a choice almost all of the time. Investing your time and efforts into things and people who make you happy is what life is all about for us. When it’s our time to go we hope to do it knowing we brought joy to ourselves and others in our lives. We hope you enjoy this new logo and the meaning behind it. This shirt is printed on a super soft Bella Canvas shirt.  We think it will quickly become one of your go to shirts as it is one of ours.

Weight 0.5625 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 1 in



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