Tattoo shirt 2.0

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The Tattoo shirt was born from Brad wanting to make a shirt to sell at tattoo conventions as a way to say thank you to all the artist he has gotten to know over the years. The community of tattoo artis has always been extremely supportive of Brad even before he took over for Outcast Agenda.

We believe the tattoo industry is one of the best groups of people you can deal with. With all that is required of artist now just to get to tattoo their clients its amazing they have time to get anything done. From running social media accounts, scheduling, drawing and meeting with clients. not to mention the tattooing. we will always have something available as a way to show we see you and all the work you put in. this shirt is a way to let people know you are more than what they may think. being a true artist, tradesman and professional are the keystones of all good tattoo artist.

this is a renewed version of the design that we had made so many years ago.  simple and right to the point. not to mention one of the softest shirts you can find.

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